App V3+: where is the heating on indicator?

I know this is a stupid question. In previous version of the APP there was a symbol telling you is heating was requested or not. I have upgraded tonight to V3+ and the indicator is gone and no where to be found.

So, how do I know if the heating is being requested or not?


  • I would like to know this too.

    In addition I upgraded to the 3+ version BUT!!.

    1) Can no longer swipe left or right between rooms

    2) When setting manual room temp, it is no longer easy to choose "timer, Until next aot change or Untill ended by user"

    3) And can no longer easily see if people (or phone) os at home.

    Sorry guys but I thought upgrades usually enhanced the product. Not stripped it.

    I am going to see if I can downgrade and wait until Tado maybe fixes all of this.

  • Same here. I like the new interface, but I felf that I lost some functionality that I was very happy with.

  • I'm led to believe you can't downgrade to V3, and Tado dont seem interested in fixing these problems, I've been on this community page for several months reading the same complaints, but no input from Tado
  • There is actually a hack. Via the web interface, after you have logged in, type in the address bar the address: it will force load the old interface. This does work only on the web interface.