Can I switch display on radiator stat from horizontal to vertical?


I purchased 21 radiator valves this week but unfortunately, the single one I purchased has a horizontal display rather than the vertical one.

Is there any way to re-configure them or do I need to return and replace it with the a vertical one?

Cheers, Ross.


  • Hi bogglefish, no you can’t reconfigure the display as they are fixed.
    It doesn’t matter if the display is horizontal or vertical just means you will need to look at it from a different angle, could put it in a room that’s not used so often.
    There is no other operational difference between the orientations as the TRV’s are technically the same.
  • Thanks MarkC, that's what I figured - never mind. I'll probably just return it to Amazon.

    Given another issue I've now run into installing the next box of TRVs ("unable to assign them to a new room, contact support"), I may end up just sending the lot back.

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