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Getting support - response times?

I've just purchased 21 x TRVs, 2 x smart stats and an extension kit but I've run into issues with the second box of TRVs in that I can't complete the set-up as the TRVs can't be assigned to a new room.

The message in the app just tells me to contact support, which I've done last night, but it's a bit frustrating to have hit a problem so early in the installation that requires me to contact support and then simply wait for a response (which hasn't arrived yet).

The hardware itself seems nice enough, the first 4 TRVs were easy to set-up, the iOS app seems pretty good to use and the pricing (in the Black Friday sales) was half reasonable but if I can't get a quick response to such a basic installation issue I'm going to have to send it all back and look elsewhere which is a bit disappointing really.

Reading the various feedback and complaints also makes me worried that I've picked the wrong supplier (which I'm really hoping isn't the case).

Is there a telephone number I can call to chase this up?

Does anyone know how long it normally takes to get a response to a support query like this?

Cheers, Ross.


  • Their number is +49 89 41209394
  • Thanks for that davieb1969 - appreciated.

    I did manage to get a response on the webchat this afternoon and was told the issue had been fixed but unfortunately I've come home to try it again only to find that nothing's changed so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if someone gets back to me.

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