WTH!?! Early start at 4:20am

Woke up to a hot room at 4:30am this morning to find the heating in our bedroom was on. Early start was set on a 7am schedule start. The room only takes an hour to heat up, why that early?


  • I’ve had mixed results with early start too. It be good if you good define how early early start starts. Or maybe it just learns over time and it knows better than us?
  • Same. First day on Tado . Smart Schedule set 18:45 at 18c .. But early start started at 17:00 at 15c , how on earth this is supposed to save money and energy I don’t know
  • Turn off pre-warm, it's in the setting
  • Is there a way to see what time Tado told the boiler to switch on with early start?
  • @Shaunie if you look at the heating zone you’re interested in, click the graph icon to see the heating history for that zone. I can see one of my zones starts heating at 04:30 to reach temperature target at 07:00. Way too early as it takes less than 30 minutes to reach temperature.
  • Hi All,

    The "Early Start" feature simply does not work in the manner that I would expect/think that it should.........as many people have noticed our radiators/Tado Rooms 'appear' to reach their set temperature within 20 to 30 mins......so the requirement to start the "Early Start" 4 hrs early is not how I would consider to be acceptable.

    Add to this, the fact that this feature is not user configurable.......it's not a feature that I will ever use.

    I have set up my own "Early Start" by programming the appropriate Tado Room schedule. Takes a bit of time but my version of "Early Start" works the way that i want it.

    This is (obviously) my own personal opinion, and everyone should make their own appraisal of the Tado features.

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