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No option to add an extension kit

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Managed to set up my internet bridge and first smart TRV no problem. Now I want to add an extension kit.

I tried on my phone, it said to go to the website which I did.

On the website I go into my account and then into devices under settings. There is no option listed to add an extension kit. I can add a Smart Thermostat, AC control, TRV and a replacement bridge but there is no option to add an extension kit.

Here is a screenshot of the options I have:

Am I looking in the wrong place?

Do I need to add the extension kit as a device or will it just work once I get it onto the network? I wanted to add it so I could follow the instructions for setting it up like you do with the other devices.

Would welcome some assistance.



  • As you require a Smart Thermostat to work with the Extension Kit I suspect that the option to add an Extension Kit will only show after you've added a Smart Thermostat.

  • Thanks for the reply. I realise now I had missed this key piece of information.

    I was hoping to have a TRV only system as I really don't need a wall thermostat.

    I will investigate my options which will probably mean returning the trv starter kit and buying a new thermostat starter kit and then having to buy a single new trv.

    Thanks again.
  • I brought the Tado TRV starter kit and the extension kit. i dont see the option to install the extension kit either. it looks like this option is only availble for thermostat kit which is absolutely ridiculous. why do i need a wall thermostat when the whole point of this Tado is the smart TRV's. it boggles my mind how these people think.

    Now im gonna have wasted money on this TRV kit because its gone beyond the return period. Genius!!

  • This the problem I had. I thought that I could have smart TRVs without the room thermostat.

    Now I have this £100 device just sitting around in the living room. on a shelf.

    To be fair I have set it up as the measuring device for the living room as opposed to using the TRV. My plan for this weekend is to mount it on the wall somewhere. I am really struggling with where to put it. The best place is near to the door and the room light switch but of course this is not an ideal place as when the door gets opened it will get a waft of cold air.

    I determined to get something from this piece of unwanted plastic!

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