Hot Water _Extension Kit

Ok I have just purchased and installed a smart thermostat and extension kit for my newly installed Weissman system boiler which is working ok but not got my head around the schedules yet.

The problem I have is the newly installed unvented hot water tank is on the 3rd floor and very difficult to get a cable to the stat. Does anyone know of a solution other than running a 2 core? Do Tado do anything wifi?

Thanks in advance


  • Ok thanks grilledcheese the plot thickens

    My plumber has utilised the 4 port system of the Weissman 100w system and it requires a 24v signal (usually from a Weissman cylinder) to call for hot water. Viessman TS have advised I need a cylinder demand term box which basically converts the 230v signal to 24v and can be plugged directly into the boiler.

    Alternatively If I use the wireless danfoss unit and connect the receiver into the Tado extension kit can I then send a signal from the extension to the boiler to call for hot water?