Smart thermostat plus smart radiator thermostats - centralvarme anlæg


I have a room “room1” in this room I have several smart radiator thermostats controlling the temperature, but I wanted to control them and measure the room temperature at a central location rather than at one of the radiators. Therefore I purchased the Smart Thermostat hoping it would work as a control for the smart radiator thermostats in the room. When installing the smart thermostat I was asked to enter the room where it was installed. I entered “room1” and now I have two “room1” and no central control of my smart radiator thermostats.

what do I do?

PS. This is a Danish “centralvarme anlæg” so the smart thermostat is not controlling a boiler, that is done by the smart radiator thermostats directly on the radiator.


  • Edelbo
    edited December 2019
    ANSWERED Turns out all I had to do was delete the SRT and the original "room1" and re-install the SRT to the "new" room1. Now it works:)