Set ST to override ?


How do I set the smart thermostat to override the smart radiator valve in the room it’s in?

As example I have both currently in the hall. I set the smart thermostat to come on manually but the smart radiator valve is set to off so the radiator in the hall never came on?

Obviously id like the opposite too which is working , I can turn on smart radiator without everything else and override the smart thermostat temperature?


  • As far as I know you must select one device as the temperature sensor. In the app Settings/Room/Measuring device and select the wall thermostat. With this set up I can manually set the temperature on either device and they will synchronise.

  • Thanks Tulloch , I’ve set the measuring device to the wall smart thermostat under Hall room .

    Can the smart thermostat override other rooms? For instance as an example if I wanted to turn the heating on in the whole house during an ‘off block’ - would I need go into each room (Tile on the App) and turn each one on to a set temperature? Or could i control the smart thermostat to call heat from everywhere?

    Nevertheless as long as I’m able to schedule bedroom radiators and bathroom for morning and keep Hall off (wall and radiator)

    Hope this makes sense

  • No, only the room it is in, assuming you have TRVs in all the other rooms. Sounds like you hae the V3+ app but I doubt if it is any different to V3 in that respect. (which I have).

  • Thanks Tulloch. Most likely v3+. Funnily I noticed there was a button to turn on heating and turn off heating when I only had the smart thermostat installed. Once I started to mount the radiator valves everything became very clunky and tedious, despite the independent benefits.
  • I'm fairly certain that you can build a shortcut in iOS that would set all your devices to whatever temperature you select for each one and then set them all just by running the shortcut. If you are on Android perhaps you can do something similar, I don't know. Maybe someone else could advise.