Why is my downstairs not heating after installing more TRVs?

Bit of a story here. Bear with me.

We initially bought the smart thermostat along with the extension kit for the boiler and the internet bridge. We previously had no thermostat at all so we’re very pleased with the control this gave us.

However, we also have a log burner, so when that was lit, the thermostat picked up lots of heat downstairs and everything upstairs switched off.

To remedy this we bought smart TRVs for the upstairs rooms so that they would remain on if those rooms were cold, regardless of what was happening downstairs... but, because the downstairs radiators didn’t have TRVs they also carried on churning out heat if the upstairs rads were on because the system obviously didn’t know where they were located. This seemed inefficient.

Black Friday gave me the opportunity to purchase additional TRVs for the downstairs rooms to solve this, but since installing, the heating in our main living space just hasn’t worked as expected. Downstairs we have an open plan space which now contains a smart thermostat plus 3 radiators - each with their own Tado TRV. When the radiators didn’t have the TRV the smart plan worked pretty seamlessly day to day, except for when the log burner was on. But now, I can set the heating to 20 degrees all evening and it barely gets above 17 degrees before the radiators all ease off. I have set the main thermostat, not the TRVs, to be the default device for temperature so I can’t understand why the radiators don’t carry on heating to the desired temperature.

Very hopeful and grateful for any advice as to why the system isn’t working, when I feel like I have a decent understanding now of what should be happening with the kit we’ve invested in.


  • Update:

    3 out of 4 zones (with single TRVs) are up to temperature therefore radiators are off.

    The 'Living Room' with multiple TRVs and the Thermostat remains at 15.8 degrees, with the radiators off despite the app saying for the past 3 hours that it is heating to 22 degrees and the graph showing that devices are on full.

    The only way that I got the 'living room' zone radiators to switch on was when I increased the heat setting on all the other zones (i.e. all other radiators on).

    Confusingly, as a final test, I created a new zone for one of the 'living room' TRVs and it immediately started operating exactly as the app instructed despite the upstairs radiators being off.

    So in summary, it seems as though everything will work fine if I create a single zone for every device. If I want to group devices in a single zone, it will only heat if all other zones are firing.


  • That should work as you expect. You should contract support.