What pairs to what?


Hi, when I am installing Tado devices do their pair to my Wifi or to the internet bridge.

I am confused with this.

When I set up my first Smart TRV I activated pairing on my router by pressing the WPS button and then activated pairing on the TRV by pressing the small button inside. This seems to work. I did not active pairing on the Tado internet bridge.

Anyway, I was concerned as the new network equipment I plan to use does not have a WPS button due to the security risks inherent with this protocol and I was wondering how I would pair the devices.

So then I was connecting up my extension kit and these instructions (https://support.tado.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360000663506) say to active pairing on the Tado internet bridge.

I have since checked my routers connected devices list and can only see one Tado device which is the internet bridge.

I have no idea how any of this stuff paired as I did not have pairing mode active on my internet bridge, yet as the devices do not appear on my routers devices list.

So my question is: when pairing do Tado devices pair to your router or the internet bridge?

I'm guessing the internet bridge but really I do not understand how I ever got connected as I have never activated pairing mode on the bridge!


  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    Same here. BUT I suspect that when you first do your setup with the bridge, it is automatically set to pairing mode. I did all my kit without touching the bridge but when I bought an additional TRV I could not get it to pair until I found out about turning on pairing on the bridge.

  • HeatingNoob
    edited December 2019
    Very strange.
    I paired a smart thermostat 5 days later using the same approach and I did NOT enable pairing on the Internet Bridge.
    I wonder if pairing is automatically activated when you register a device.
    In any case I'm glad it doesn't use my router as I don't now need to worry if I change it for one without WPS.
  • andreig1978

    The internet bridge communicates both:

    • with the Tado servers (IP world) thus must be connected to your router;
    • with the Tado devices in your home (6LoWPAN).

    Pairing is automatically enabled on the internet bridge every time you add a new device from the application.