Anyone fit an extension kit to ideal logic heat H15 ?

Been sent the wrong instructions and awaiting new ones....i hope.

I dont some one has any for the boiler ?




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  • Hi nytram, I fitted the extension box to an ideal h15 boiler. Hardest part was getting 4 earth wires connected. Didn't seem enough space. What programmer do you have? I had Danfoss TP9000 programmer with TS2 sensor in hall. L, N, 3 & 4 with 5 &6 disconnected and stowed as went to heat sensor in hallway.
  • Hi.

    We had a danfoss tpone -M which did water and heating and -B that was just a thermostat.

    Do you have the instructions as i currently have the extension kit on the wall instead of the -m

    Id ideally like to put the extension kit in the airing cupboard with the boiler. Did you wire it in to the danfoss wb12 connector ?

    Then i can put my extra thermostat on the wall.

  • Also did you do anything with opentherm to get the water temperature ?
  • Hey @nytram i have the exact same setup as you in terms of Danfoss + Ideal. Did you ever get it setup how you wanted?