EMS Bus wiring

Looking for wiring connections and setup for Worcester Greenstar CDi Classic to enable control using the EMS Bus (If possible) I have it connected using contacts at the moment.

Thanks in anticipation

Phil Holmes


  • Hi Phil,

    I can only confirm EMS is supported by Tado (I am using it with my Buderus heater). Did you try to use their step by step install guide?



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    Hi Andrei

    Thanks for the response. It didn’t give me the option during the installation process. I found a document related to wiring a Vailent to eBus and a Worcester to WT-Bus but not a Worcester Greenstar CDi Classic to eBus. It may be the same but on my boiler I only have some contact marked up EMS BUS.



  • XeonJaXeonJa
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    I would also like to know this ems setup, I’m assuming it’s a setting within the thermostat. I know the the ht-bus is d16 or d17 on the thermostat and does this need a Worcester adapter converter thing
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