tado TRVs on single pipe system

My setup is tado smart thermostat with extension kit and smart TRVs.

I have single pipe system and on one loop in the same room I have three tado TRVs, the loops on single pipe system are designed as if you fully close the first radiator all others on the same loop are closed (cold), basically the first one must be opened for others to heat. So i'm trying to figure which of the three radiators with tado TRVs should be designated as measuring device. Any ideas?


  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    If you have other radiators in the house not yet fitted with tado, I would be tempted to revert 2 of those in the room to non-smart type and keep them open fully at all times using those smart two tados elsewhere. The smart tado should be in the coldest part of the room. If keeping all 3 in that room then choose the last in line.

    Others may have different views but it is very easy to change which device measures through trial and error.

  • Do what you want but please don’t fit three TRV on three radiators sharing the same pipe LOL