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Need a little help setting this up guys...

Hi all. I need some help with this as instructions seem to be thin on the ground for instalation and I have had no response from Tado in the past 24hrs to any emails...

I purchased a starter kit with thermostat, extender and a spare thermostat to control my heating/hot water.

I currently have three zones Upstairs, Downstairs and Hot water. I also have a central programmer for setting times, turning off and on etc...

I'm looking to replace all this with my new Tado equipment but I cant seem to get any instructions for any of the setup/wiring or continue with the installation.

When I hit "Continue Installation" the following message appears:

Unfortunately, we do not have all necessary information about your heating system to provide you with specific installation instructions. An email with some follow up questions has been sent to you. Please answer this email and we will get back to you with specific installation instructions as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot for your patience!

Perhaps my patience isn't what it should be but I have replied the generic email they have sent out and 24Hrs later i've still no response. I also cant seem to do anything inbetween, I'm not inspired by the customer service so far and this setup is close to going back to the shop.

Any help? am I missing something here??

Thanks in advance


  • They say to wait 48 hours. Its so annoying when you are chomping at the bit.

    Get pictures ready to send as I tried to send back asap as you dont want to delay as they will pretty much wait 2 days before replying again as I bet they are busy this time of year after black friday.

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