I bought a second system for another home how can i add it to app

Hi I have just bought 2 tado systems not realizing that you can only have one account on the app , is there any upgrade coming to sort this issue


  • JuliaJulia | Moderator

    Hi Duckingswan,

    A feature that allows you to control more than one tado° home with the app is planned, but it is not available yet.

    For now, you will have to create a second tado° account using a second email address. This is very important, since one email address can only be registered to one tado° account. You can then either log on and off the respective account on your smartphone, choosing whichever one you would like to control at that moment, or you can control one tado° home with the smartphone app and the other one over the webapp on

    Best wishes,


  • I see that the feature was 'planned' a year ago; are you any closer to being able additional homes to the same account yet?


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