Smart rad thermostat issue


i have a Tado smart thermosat In the hall and two smart rad thermostats in other rooms at either side of the house.

when used altogether one of the smart thermostats will not turn off when the room it's in has reached the house temp required , even though the overall temp of the house has not been reached and the heating is still on. Surely when the temp is reached in a room the smart rad should lock down the valve and turn off that rad?

Any advice would be appreciated.

thanks in advance


  • Julia
    Julia | Moderator

    Hi Marks6600!

    Thank you for reaching out.

    However, this forum is conceived as a community where users and moderators can discuss and answer questions that many of you might be interested in.

    From what you are describing, it looks like your case should best be addressed by our customer support, who will look into your specific settings, analyze what might be wrong and help you resolve that issue.

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