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Geofencing problem

I am the v3 app which I paid for . Taco is consistently saying I am away and so no heating until I overuse it . Does not pick up my location . Have checked all the phone settings and emailed tado who have sent it to their technical department . No they are
Not even answering my emails . Am very dissaponted with them and am considering moving to another system. They have also refused to refund my money for the new system as well even though in my view it does not work . Never had any problems with the old one and wish I had never changed .
Any ideas before I move on


  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    I feel for you. We are in a similar situation in that it picks up one of our phones and sometimes but rarely picks up the other. Barmy!!

  • Did you get any resolution to this? We found yesterday that it picks up my phone's location OK, but not my wife's until she actually opened the Tado app while she was outside the catchment area.

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