Geofencing problem

I am the v3 app which I paid for . Taco is consistently saying I am away and so no heating until I overuse it . Does not pick up my location . Have checked all the phone settings and emailed tado who have sent it to their technical department . No they are
Not even answering my emails . Am very dissaponted with them and am considering moving to another system. They have also refused to refund my money for the new system as well even though in my view it does not work . Never had any problems with the old one and wish I had never changed .
Any ideas before I move on


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    I feel for you. We are in a similar situation in that it picks up one of our phones and sometimes but rarely picks up the other. Barmy!!

  • Did you get any resolution to this? We found yesterday that it picks up my phone's location OK, but not my wife's until she actually opened the Tado app while she was outside the catchment area.

  • Was there any resolution or feedback on this? I installed my Tado this weekend and even my non technical wife thought it was great, until today when it's picked up that she was Away, but has stayed 'Away' long since returning home - yes she opened the app and it reset to Home but this surely is not the answer.....otherwise the Smart heating system that I've just bought is not very smart if only 1 user is the driver to Home or Away!!

  • Thanks. But we already went through those steps on my wife's phone but the problem persists.

  • Capfuturo
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    Hello there, after thoroughly testing the Geofencing function in Tado for several months in different mobile phones, we have found out that it does not recognise your location if the app is killed or running in the background. Only if the app is actually opened Tado will recognise your location and turn on / off the heating according to the schedule. We have returned home plenty of times only to experience how temperature goes down and realising after hours when we start freezing, whilst we wanted to believed Tado was reliable and trustworthy. But it was not the case. It is more disturbing when I know we have been paying for this service.

    Tado looks cute and streamlined but it is really a system with plenty of bugs, and a bloated level of complexity which is, in my humble opinion, completely unnecessary. The most important functions have been missing for years. For instance, one cannot even turn off / on or pause / resume the heating from the thermostat, without messing with the set temperature. The list is long.

  • My geofencing works fine. No issues turns off if we are out and starts to preheat about 1km away from home. We have 2 devices linked.
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    What settings did you check? iOS / Android?

  • Hi all

    I too have a geofencing issue. We noticed today that we had no hot water. After a bit of investigation we noticed the app had set itself to Auto and I guess assumed we were away. Anyone else had this? And how do we stop that?

  • We have had intermittent Geofencing issues for over 2 years. One of our phones suddenly 'goes missing' despite no changes to the settings, and the Away mode is incorrectly activated. It's happened with Android & iOS. Never been happy with the fact the heating doesn't come on until we're virtually through the door, despite the fact we've been driving at speed towards home for 2 hours!

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    @Joshbear @Heleen_60 No battery save mode? Background App refresh on? Location access set to Always mode?