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How to stop smart TRV’s turning on boiler

Hi I only only have Tado smart TRV’s on 4 rads out of around 10 in the house because I want to turn those 4 off during the day whilst the rest of the house is heated. I want the main smart thermostat in the hall to be the only device that turns the boiler on and off and the Radiator Valves to only set the temp/turn on and off the radiator they are controlling. Otherwise if my schedule settings are not exactly right and one Tado rad valve turns on and starts calling for heat when the main thermostat is set to frost protection (ie at night when I want the heating off) then it fires up the boiler and heats the whole house


  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @anthenson There are two basic settings which only support can change viz primacy for all devices OR other devices can only call for heat when boiler control thermostat is, itself, calling for heat. You appear to have the former and you want the latter. Chatline can change it for you

  • That’s great thanks for the response
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