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Tado Bridge Has Very Poor Range?

I have the Apple Home enabled bridge, working well with 6 Smart TRVs... when I try to add a 7th, in a room a little further away - its's a maximum of 20ft from the bridge - it will not connect. This leaves me with 4 Smart TRVs that I cannot configure.

Moving the bridge closer, obvious thought, stops 2 of the working 6 TRVs from communicating.

I'd have expected to find a 'sweet spot' where all could be reach and would work, but it seems the range of the Bridge is about 12ft...

Is that about as expected?


  • I had similar problem which I solved by:

    1. ensuring the Bridge was vertical. I placed mine in a small plastic bottle which I had cut a hole in for the cables to pass through
    2. placing a metal baking sheet, about 30 cm square underneath the antenna & plastic bottle

    I now have the bridge communicating 24/7 with all 37 of my TRVs.

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