Cheap child guard for TRV

Hi I have came up with a cheep idea to child proof your trv with no damage. Just thought I would share. Parts. 50mm solvent weld straight coupling. 3 small strips of sticky draft excluder. Works very well and easy removed
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  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @Stewart13 Good stuff! Has it also made the thermostat any more accurate than with out the shield?

  • Hi I have 4 fitted to trv but all are controlled by wall thermostats to combat the overshoot issue. I will change one of my rooms to be controlled by a trv for a day and see if this has reduced the overshoot. I will let you know.

  • @Stewart13 any update? :)

  • Hi sorry @Adzyp and @samd. I have tested the cover for a couple of days and I has definitely reduced the over shoot which is surprising. I only installed it to keep little fingers away. It was over shooting the set temperature realy bad that's why I use the wall thermostat. it is with in 1/2°c over shoot now which is a big improvement. It only cost me £2 to make so it is worth a try. Hope this helps
  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @Stewart13 Great news - well done you.

  • AdzypAdzyp
    edited January 31

    @Stewart13 thanks, sounds good! So once youve made them, how do they fit on? Do they slide over the top or do you need to remove from the rad, and place it on with the screw end off? What size draught excluder is it?

  • @Adzyp It can be fitted on the radiator or off. I fitted them when the trv was off so I didn't stress or brake anything. The foam end of the cover goes on the end of the trv closest to the radiator. Once fitted just clip back on the radiator.
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