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How do I use Tado in two different houses

I have 2 tado systems and would like to install them in 2 different houses, how do you set up the App to do this or do you need to set up 2 accounts with separate e mails ?

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  • Desperately trying to find this out too

  • Asked the helpline a week ago, no response yet !

  • Great, I thought that might be the case, thanks again for your help.

  • @JerryW @GrilledCheese @Marty_T5

    There is a feature request for multi-home support listed here -

    I thought I had seen some vague indications Tado do intend to add this capability since as pointed out by GrilledCheese HomeKit supports this and with Tado supporting HomeKit it is silly for them not to. On top of that not supporting this makes it harder to sell multiple units to a single customer which obviously is not in their interest.

    It is therefore worth you all adding your votes to this request.

  • Full agree that this feature would make perfect sense, many families may have more than one property and having the same system in each location running from the same app is so efficient rather than setting up 2 accounts and swopping between them and people are more likely to buy the same system for the other prope
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