Inaccurate temperature readings

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My Tado TRVs and the main Smart Thermostat consistently over-estimate the temperature.

The TRVs are miles out. I placed another small thermometer right next to the TRV, so that it was measuring the same location and the TRV measured two or three degrees warmer than the non-Tado thermometer.

My Smart Thermostat consistently records about one degree warmer than an independent thermometer.

At the moment I am trying to address this by asking Tado to heat to a higher temperature.

Is there a better solution than this? Are my Tado thermostats unusually inaccurate or is this a general issue?



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    @edcldn Hello. Yes a common issue but more about the tado TRV rather than the Room Thermostats. There are a number of threads on here and, particularly a thread asking tado to develop a cheap external thermostat to use as measuring device for the radiators. You may wish to add your voice there.

  • There is a setting where you can adjust the temperature either way +/- so for example if its reporting 20 degrees and its actually only 18, you can set it to -2

  • Thanks. You might hope that a “smart” thermostat producer might value accuracy...
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