Central vs Local Schedules

I have recently bought a tado system, where i have a central thermostat connected to the boiler, and radiator thermostats on each radiator.

What i would expect to be able to do is set a central schedule / temperature settings and then this would propagate into the radiator thermostats to keep each room set to the current temperature.

What seems to be happening is that i have a smart schedule (along with temperature settings) for the central thermostat, and then separate schedules for each radiator. So if i want to change the schedule, i have to edit the smart schedule for each radiator in the house.

Am i doing something wrong in the configuration, or is this how it is designed to work? seems a bit clunky the way i have currently got it.


  • Hi RickEd,

    The idea is that you can set a schedule for each room, and each room can call for heat. Normally you only need to set this once (basically set it to the temperature you want it to be when you are home) and you're done.

    The good thing with this approach is that you can set a schedule that has different times / temps for the living room (for example) on the weekends, whereas the temps for the bedroom would be the same every day of the week. We are also working on improving the schedule by making it possible to copy / paste schedules, for example.

    Interestingly, a huge proportion of our customers actually barely or never change the default schedule and just leave it as-is out of the box.

    Best regards,


  • Thanks Frank, I’m obviously not using the system to its optimal design, and may need to review the family’s processes to get the most impact.

    With that said between me, my wife and children and regular visits from grand parents we would regularly change the house temperature on a wim. It would be nice to be able to globally whip up the temperature when grand parents come over (or down when My wife is out) on the boiler thermostat without having to change each radiator.

    At the moment I haven’t turned on geofencing and that may be part of the issue. But I don’t think I can geo fence nanys phone to increase the house temp to a higher value. And then having the faff of setting priority levels to determine who’s phone temperature wins seems a bit much.

    Not sure if this is the right platform for my ideals, will need to look into HomeKit / Alexa automation to see if that can support my processes. I.e when central temp increases, set radiators in a zone to the same temp (or an offset of the central temp).

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  • Just noticed that the system roadmap includes a feature to have a central on / off function. If the implementation of this road-map feature would include temperature settings that would be awesome.

    Ideally if there was also a 'dummy' device added to the tado app that can control everything that would solve most of my requirements.

    The best solution would be to create a device per zone in the app (and be available in homekit / alexa), so that on, off and temperature settings can be managed over a group / zone. Devices / rooms can then be added to a zone.

  • Hello Frank, any updates on the functionality to copy & paste schedules please? That would be huge benefit. Thanks, Martin
  • I have to set 1 day different in the weekdays .

    now i have to set every day the same except that day.

    Tedious, but once set. it won't change much I hope.

  • same, I really thought it would be easy to globally whip up the temperature like boost function when visitors come over (or down when Im in myself) without having to change each radiator.

    Im currently in a block of on during my smart schedule which finishes at 10pm but it’s too warm and going to bed I want to disable every where until next block. Is that possible?