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App logs me out regularly since upgrade to v3+


I have recently upgraded to the v3+ app (last few days) and keep getting logged out of the app and each time it asks me to re-identify what my device is. Never happened on the old app - anyone else had experience of this? I'm running a Huawei p30 Pro on android.



  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @DAMcFarlane Hello. Yep has happened to me 3 times in last couple of days but had assumed that it was cos of beta that I am running. Support have asked me to permit them to take analytics and they are looking at that.

  • Thanks. I'll flag it up with them then if they're looking into it
  • Mine is doing the same Mate10 pro.
  • LudoLudo
    edited March 16
    Started to happen to me too since Friday.
    I still need to log in almost every single time I open the app...
    I have a Xiaomi MI8 and running the beta one too.
  • I'm the same on a Samsung S8. Every day since Friday also...

    I've also got one of my radiator stats is showing no remote access. No issues with my internet, and the stat with the issue is in the bedroom directly above the router/bridge 🤔

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    I have reverted to non-beta - no problems since

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