show battery charge level as a percentage



  • I'm a prospective customer with 12 radiators to control, and am being put off by:

    1) Non-support of the Eneloop LSD NiMH batteries that are state of the art in minimising the environmental consequences of using small batteries.

    2) The absence of proper pre-purchase documentation - does Tado think that telling me I will have 'my heating at my fingertips' is a substitute for a full functional specification?

    3) The fact that Tado outsources support to the people they have taken money from - their customers

    4) The lack of response by Tado to this lengthy thread in which large numbers of identical opinions have been expressed over a long period of time. I've hardly ever seen such universally concordant opinion - and if Tado fails to respond to this....what does that imply about its organisational maturity or attitude?

  • I am also researching buying Tado I have 12 radiators and not having and answer on this topic is stopping me. If the issue of not being able to use rechargeable batteries and know when to replace them is not solved I will not purchase. Can someone at Tado reply? Thanks!
  • @Cabo @Thersites You can read about which batteries we support in this article:

    In general, all new Smart Radiator Thermostats that you can buy on the market right now support Eneloop NiMh batteries.

    In theory we support any NiMh batteries, but most of them are too "thick" to fit in the Smart Radiator Thermostats. Maybe the LSD's work, but maybe they are too thick. Maybe find some reviews to see how thick they are. If they are as thick as the normal Eneloop's there should be no problem.