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Smart AC Control v3 and AC w. heating

Hi, we have a Tado to control our central heating. Works great.
Now we’re getting an AC unit installed that can cool and heat, although cooling is what we’re getting it for I’m wondering how that works with the Tado we have.

Will Tado use the heating as well? I.e. adjust desired room-temp ‘up’ for the AC unit?

Should the AC unit be in cool/heat mode or should heating be disabled?

And if we get a second AC unit for another room, we would need another Smart AC Control as well, right?


  • _Marie_Marie | Moderator

    Hello @tdGeorge,

    Thank you for your questions.

    You will have to be careful to program the same time blocks to avoid that the two devices conflict, or you can remove the heating function on the tado° Smart AC Control. 

    Also, if you equip another room with an air conditioner, you will indeed need to purchase another Smart AC Control. 

    We remain at your disposal,

    Your tado° team

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