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Tado Smart AC sending commands when is off


I have two tado smart AC in my house. Both were working fine until today one of the two is sending commands to my AC every few minutes even in the command has no changed and is set to off on the app.
I now this is happening because I can hear my AC beeping every few minutes. The point is that the command that the tado is sending is al the time off.

The other Smart AC is working fine.

Any ideas on what is happening?

Many thanks.



  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @Chuvihi I would get on the chat line at tado.com and put the issue to support staff who will be able to 'see' what you system is doing.

  • Thank you samd, let me know what I have to do. For your information, now seems that is beeping less often.

  • Hi, is still happening randomly I haven’t touch the app or the AC and started beeping again. Any idea what is happening? Why the smart AC is sending commands without modifying the set point on the tado app?

    Many thanks.

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