Boiler not turning on

Hi, I am facing the same issue you had, Can I kindly ask how your case was solved?


  • i properly set the smart thermostat up, also the smart radiators are connected and good according to the application. But my boiler never turns on, after I increased all the temperatures, in the app while it is showing as heating. I believe something was wrong at the beginning while first choosing boiler at the beginning of the installation, somehow it is not controlling my boiler, can someone help me to fix this?
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    @Gonenc Your best bet is to contact support at Did you get a wiring\connection diagram to assist you?

  • No, i didn't get any yet, via chat we are working on a solution but so far nothing changed, they asked me connections of the boiler, but I didn't even now, how to reach to those cables.
  • After contacting the support, my issue got fixed, but now again suddenly it stopped working and support is not responding again

  • I have the same issue as above, I have tried to turn off and on at the Internet Bridge thinking the connections may not be correct. Please can someone help a new user? All the smart radiator thermostats, internet bridge, main thermostat and the demand device next to the boiler are connected. The boiler is not warming up even when I put the whole house on boost (25 centigrade for one hour )
  • I have just bought a house and moved in on Thursday in Radcliffe Greater Manchester.

    I have never heard of Tado before and have never even had gas central heating or a gas boiler before.

    The guy who sold me the house has been very honest and I trust him. He tells me the gas central heating works

    and all I have to do is set it on the Tado wall panel. However when I click through the options on the Tado controller panel on the wall there seems to be no setting for heating, but there is one for hot water. There is a hand which points upwards which I have set to 25. Basically the hot water works but the heating is completely dead and I have no clue how to set it up. I do not have broadband installed till Tuesday but the previous owner says that should not be a problem as the Tado controller on the wall should still work.

    Is there anyone I can call to send me an engineer to my house to get the central heating working and explain to me how I everything works? Can I just call a gas engineer? I am with scottish power for gas and am paying them for an annual service. Would any gas engineer know how to fix a system with Tado software or do I need to get a specialist Tado engineer. Is there any way to simply disable the Tado software and switch on the heating by turning the handles on the radiators. Is there a number at Tado I can ring to get help with this.

    Any help is appreciated as I have no central heating in the house now and have not had it for a few days. I need to get this fixed quickly.


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