Boiler not turning on

Hi, I am facing the same issue you had, Can I kindly ask how your case was solved?


  • i properly set the smart thermostat up, also the smart radiators are connected and good according to the application. But my boiler never turns on, after I increased all the temperatures, in the app while it is showing as heating. I believe something was wrong at the beginning while first choosing boiler at the beginning of the installation, somehow it is not controlling my boiler, can someone help me to fix this?
  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Gonenc Your best bet is to contact support at Did you get a wiring\connection diagram to assist you?

  • No, i didn't get any yet, via chat we are working on a solution but so far nothing changed, they asked me connections of the boiler, but I didn't even now, how to reach to those cables.
  • After contacting the support, my issue got fixed, but now again suddenly it stopped working and support is not responding again

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