Dual heating system, dual extension kit, one bridge?

When extending my house i had to add a second heating system. I have two extension kits as i have multiple zones in each system.

How can you connect a smart thermostat to a specific extension kit?


  • Joey
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    edited March 2021

    Hello verbem,

    Thank you for your question,

    However it is not possible two control to Extension Kits from one tado° account. Please contact Support directly:

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  • Hi Joey, it is fixed by support. And working perfectly with two kits and two systems on one bridge. Happy camper.
  • Hey verbem

    How did they solve this?
    Do you have two accounts now or did they link the two extension kits to one account?

    Also, was it pretty quick to do?


  • Support from Tado helped me out, they connected the right thermostats to the right extension kits in the same account.

  • Hi verbem,

    Do you have a single boiler or one boiler per extension kit?

    If you have a single boiler, does it connect to just one extension kit, or are both extension kits connected to the boiler in parallel? Is the boiler connection via 'call to heat' (i.e. boiler on or off) or via a bus (i.e. variable boiler power).

    Thank you