Manual Control of Home and Away mode

Sometimes if I’m travelling home, I’d like to be able to manually turn my heating back to home mode, so that my rooms heat up

At the moment I have to manually set a temperature for each room in order to warm my house, and can’t select Home mode until I’m within my home zone
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    Are you aware that one of Tado's primary features, "Preheat Before Arrival" does this for you automatically?

  • Tado can’t know you’re coming home when you’re outside the geofence. A simple switch to tell it “I’m on my way” would enable it to ensure the heat is on (whether it pre-heats or not). It could easily estimate the journey time using my location. My home is not well enough insulated and the 5 minutes Tado gets when I cross the geofence is not sufficient to warm the house even with preheat on.
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    @princp You may wish to check your preheat settings. If you have it on “Comfort” it should make sure your home is pretty warm by the time you get home, no matter have far away you go. I've just been away for the weekend, I was 3 hours drive (180 miles) away from home and while away my Tado was automatically keeping it at my pre-set Away temp of 10ºC. We drove home today, about 2 hours before we arrived home Tado kicked in and started heating the house, so when we got in the front door, it was a nice temperature. Didn't need to manually tell Tado anything about my trip at any time.
  • We have a variation of this problem with nannies and baby sitters.
    We don’t want to give them control of the heating but we don’t want the heating to switch off when they’re there. Being able to toggle manually to ‘home’ mode would address this.
    Another approach would be to have phone clients that can only control the heating when on WiFi, not on mobile. This would ensure they only had heating control when in the house, and that their presence would be detected
  • similar problems here;

    I don't want to wate my phone battery by keeping gps on all day in order for geofencing/presence to work. If I'm at home my Wifi (and my Wife's) is typically on so that should be sufficient to go back to Home mode. In addition we have regular visitors (our household, caretakers for outr pets, etc) who do get our Wifi access as well, but no direct control over our Tado/heating. I have a perfect presence detection in my home but seeking for a way to control Tado Away/Home with that (Web http api JSON or using IFTTT).

  • jcwackyjcwacky ✭✭✭

    @AndrevdBerg What phone do you have? With today's phones you don't need to be worrying about manually turning on/off GPS. The location services built into todays phones use a variety of techniques to get your location and so geofencing should only have a minor impact on battery life as it won't be using the GPS very often.

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