[Released – ver. 5.10] Manual Control of Home and Away mode



  • Atlantis95
    Well, I ordered this Tado last evening. It was a good looking deal on television for the Tado V3+ including two radiator knobs. I am thinking serious about it to return it after I get them. There are two reasons for this:
    1. The subscription when you want to use geo-fenching.
    2. No manual on/off remote switch.

    This what you call a vendor lock. That off/on is (only) the key why you need a subscription. Anybody who works with such devices will find out how such thing works when there is a manual off/on switch. Ans yes there might be an unsupported api, but isn't it scary that that api can be retracted or limited by Tado when ever they want?
  • GuidoVdS

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to vote on this feature as I feel it would be a really useful one.

    I don't even know why we have to say why we like (Tado, your clients want it and that should be enough!!), but the other day I went to have lunch and spend the afternoon at a friend house that is right on the other side of the street... So basically, I had to manually lower all my thermostats and then bring them up again.

    Please deliver this feature!!

  • helmoe
    This simple feature is a MUST, it‘s a joke tado still hasn‘t implemented it despite all the requests

    Geofencing is useless for me as I don’t want the heating to be switched off when I leave while the nanny is at home with my kid. Also sick of manually changing settings for each room before getting home from a longer vacation because my floor heating takes some hours to heat up and I don’t want to return to a cold home.
  • MexicoMatt

    Hi All!

    I am new to both Tado and this forum, literally just installed my system this past week-end, a Thermostat, Internet Bridge and 2 TRVs. LOVING it so far, but I spent a while this afternoon reading through this thread, and completely agree with you all, that manually being able to set Home/Away should be a standard feature. After reading itavero's comment about his plug-in, I did some looking around and came across homebridge-tado-platform (https://www.npmjs.com/package/homebridge-tado-platform) I installed it, spent the last hour playing with it and now have exactly what everyone here is asking for, a single 'button' in HomeKit that when pressed toggles the state of ALL Tado devices to either OFF or back to AUTO depending on their current state (nb. it doesn't actually set the Home/Away State, but achieves the same effect) You can also set it to show many of the other sensors and features etc, and then base HomeKit automations on their state. I now have a 'Siri Shortcut' setup to turn off everything when i arrive at work, and another one to trigger when i leave work turning everything back on. I will put it to the test tomorrow!

    I hope this post helps some people, and I am not 'breaking any rules' by posting it, which is not my intention, I just want to help the community continue to use what I see (so far) to be a great product!

    Currently on the look-out for more TRVs, think i found a good deal on eBay!

  • cdon
    Geofencing simply does not works.
    My wife and I are away since hours and multiple km away of the home, but her phone (Samsung Galaxy j5) is still geolocated inside the house. We have to manually open a geolocating application like Waze, Google maps,... For the phone to pick up a new location and then finally update the status. Tado is allowed to run in background (including battery saving) and access location.
  • steviedee
    +1 - baby sitter turns up - my wife and I leave the house and the poor girl freezes to death! Our current Choices are either; change 12 trv’s to keep them on manual for a few hours (in the app or running round the house), give her access to tado (so she knows when we’re out and can rob us!) or - tado can add a feature to set home mode for x hours and the system acts like we’re home!
  • freekverheul
    edited January 2020

    reading above comments and suggestions......

    Why is it still not implemented?????

    It is almost a year ago since the first post (in this discussion)

  • JerryK

    This is tragic. Could it be they want the income from auto assist? 😪

  • Adzyp
    edited February 2020

    +1 for this. Has anyone had any response from Tado on this?

    I had Nest before Tado and it was so simple to switch between home and away manually.

    My wife's phone is so unreliable for accurate location tracking. She is out right now but Tado thinks shes is still home.

  • meerlol

    I am really trying but I have not found a single positive thing about the Tado thermostat except for the marketing. I fell for it and regret it heavily. This is really extremely stupid that I can put it in away mode manually but not the other way around.

  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @meerlol How do you put it in away mode manually please?

  • Wiebie
    Would be highly appreciated, also in the Netherlands 🏚☃
  • EdwardSharp
    edited February 2020

    I can't believe that it's not possible to manually switch to away mode! I can't use geofencing because not all the dwellers are able to share their location with a phone.

    Without geofencing or a manual switch, I can't see how "away mode" schedules are ever going to help me.

    Please add this feature.

    A variation on this feature would be when doing plumbing work and you want to deliberately shut off all the TRVs.

  • nespiet

    Today I installed smart radiator thermostats in my weekend apartment.

    The idea was that this would make it possible to switch on the heating 12 hours before we leave; at freezing temperatures it takes a day before the apartment is at the right temperature.

    Simple installation (thank you) and then next step how to switch manually from home to away mode and vice versa. Is it true... no such switch?

    It is a small consolation Tado has managed to fool so many others with me. Welcome to the IoT. Being able to activate and deactivate the system from anywhere is so basic that it is not included.

    I am flabbergasted. There seems to be more intelligence in Tado's smart radiator thermostat than in the software and the brains of their engineers and marketting department.

    Where is the response from Tado? Too busy with the success?

  • nespiet

    I haven't found the answer yet... But if it is available as a paid service, why keep it secret, why not advertise it? Because it's a shame if it is?

  • Paaat

    A Manual switch to Away mode, that's the only thing that's REALLY missing (geofencing is not an adequate function to me).

    It might be presented as an IFTTT applet I don't care, but at least provide us the full features possible otherwise it looses the "smart" side of the device.

  • +1 vote for manual override control of the home.

    Even using Siri with Apple Home and asking her to turn off heating doesn’t seem to work...

  • Kanin

    Please implement a manual override button for home/away. It is *crazy* that this basic function is not available. Thanks.

  • JoopNL

    I had contact with tado support a couple of days ago, about this feature. I specifically mentioned this thread and that the feature was wanted very much. They told me by email (translated from dutch):

    "This option is coming. But unfortunately I cannot give you a specific date when the release will actually take place."

    So that sounds fairly good. Assuming they will follow through on this, but so far I have no reason to question that.

  • sP1bOB


    I have a Nest at the moment and was struggling to find a flexible solutiuon for the Away mode. Whilst this is no use if you do not have a Nest Thermostat, it is at least a workable solution for me :-

    Would be nice if they just added a button to the app mind you.

  • VdR
    I have been asking for this for years (and have had the silliest answers from Tado). The geo fencing is too limited. My workaround is the following: When you program a schedule the three choices of how the week is split up essentially gives you the opportunity to program three different schedules. I use one for a home schedule and one for an away schedule and switch manually between schedules. Have to do so for heater and water separately. Only setting a low temperature manually is not enough, I still need a schedule to run. Can't believe how stubborn Tado is on this. When I land 40 min. away from home after a weeks trip there is no way the house heats up on time.
  • dougie175

    Its finally here / coming! Gobsmacked but great news!

  • libove

    Considering how completely basic this feature is, it must not be only in the V3+ app, but backported and included for free in the V3 app as well.

  • tulloch

    I echo the above poster. Can you confirm that once this is out of beta it will be available to v3 users with grandfather rights who have no need to move to the v3+ app.

  • dougie175

    I had grandfather right but upgraded to the V3+ to be fair its a decent upgrade much easier to see an over view of whats happening in a decent sized house and you keep all the premium features when you upgrade. I got it in writing from Tado these features would be free for life even after upgrading

  • jcwacky

    @robotive Nice! Are there any plans to make it possible to revert back to "Auto" after a set period of time?

    e.g. I'm about to board a flight from abroad, and know that just letting geofencing kick in upon landing at home isn't enough time for my house to hear up suitably before getting home. So I manually enable Home mode, but would want to set it to revert back to "Auto" after, say, 4 hours. Otherwise I might forget and it would end up staying on Home mode until I next notice.

  • Adrian (tado°)

    @libove @tulloch There are currently no plans to make this feature available in the V3 app, sorry.

    @jcwacky No plans atm on this, but what is already implemented is that you are going to get a Push Notification as a reminder to switch back to Auto. So for example if you manually set it to Home and then arrive home, and then leave after a while, when you leave you should get a Push Notification to switch back to Auto.

  • tulloch
    edited February 2020

    @dougie175 I too have that assurance but my understanding is that some features are missing from the + app. E.g. the heating demand indicators (the three wavy lines). I find that useful for making sure all is working as expected. E.g. I hear the boiler fire and can quickly see which device is calling for heat. If none, something is wrong. I've had that issue in the past and it was quite complex but Tado solved it in the end.