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Downloading my own data from Tado?


I have not found an option to download my data for further analysis. I love the room graphs in the app, but I need to have the data in a more advanced application to do further analysis and optimization.

Anyone knows how to do this?

I believe that under GDPR, I can do a request to deliver me all my accumulated data, but that would obviously not be a very practical approach, doing that monthly for example. I'm sure Tado must have a smarter way to do this.🙂


  • Good luck with that GDPR request.

    There is however a something on GitHub which will get you this data for that last year via the Tado unsupported API. On my to-do list.
  • Hi @Cavester

    Thanks for the tip. I wasn't aware of the Tado API and the solutions possible with that. Thanks for the tip! I scavenged github a bit and there's many goodies, but unfortunately beyond my knowledge level, so I hope that either someone picks up on that or that Tado creates something user friendly.

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