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Smart termostat or smart radiator valve as "master sensor


Smart termostat or smart radiator valve as "master sensor" to control (other) smart radiator valves.

Can i get one smart radiator valve or smart thermostat (room 1) to control another radiator valve (room 2) regardless of the temp. in room 2?

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  • R_H
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    I think the best way to do this is simply putting the devices under one room ie "Home" and then assign in the setting which device is responsible for reading the temperatures and that will control any radiator valve under that same room. Its as if you have two radiators in one room but they are actually in 2 :)

    I do highly recommend though to buy the wireless temperature sensor and put it somewhere away from the radiators and make control both of them (same instructions as above).

    Hope that helped!




  • Thanks alot.

    That was i good answer and now i know what to do :)