Hi everyone,

I have an existing Tado system that powers all my standard heaters. Now I want to replace the thermostat of my underfloor heating, but I am a little confused how to attach the existing wires to the new Tado thermostat.

On the old Thermostat there are three wired connections: "N", "LOAD" and "L"

What do these correspond to on the Tado? I assume it would be wired to one of these "NO", "NC" and "COM" ?

I hope that the Tado actually works with that system and I am of course turning the electric power off before wiring the Tado.

Thank you for your advice.



  • I would think live should go to COM, load to NO but not sure were neutral would connect to. You wouldn't have NO & NC connected at the same time

    Have you contacted Tado for an installation guide?
  • Just triple checking: I assume the neutral wire is the blue one in "N"?

    Thank you !


  • Neutral does not goes to the panel.. the panel is powered by 3 batteries. L (brown) goes to COM and black (LOAD) goes to NO