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Purchased a used radiator thermostat to add to my system , how do I add without registration code.

Purchased a radiator thermostat head on E-Bay to add to my system but I don't have a code to complete registration, how do I go about completing install ?


  • JuliaJulia | Moderator

    Hi @MCMillanc

    Thank you for your question!

    The registration information can be found directly on the devices - see this article.

    When you buy a second hand device, please make sure that the previous owner has unregistered it from their account. As a tado° device can always only be registered to one user account, it is not possible to use it unless they have done so.

    The easiest way for them to un-register their devices is to delete their tado° Home.

    Please get in touch with the seller and either ask them them remove the devices from their account or, if they were selling someone else's devices, to contact the previous owners and make sure they do it.

    Best wishes,


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