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Tado to Worcester Bosch GreenStar 30i Digital Interface EMS Connection Bus (Working Setup Attached)

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Hi below is a working setup for a Worcester Bosch GreenStar 30i Combi Boiler using the Digital Interface EMS Connection to a seperate wireless tado thermostat in another room

I hope others find it useful

Basically I removed my old Hive connection and receiver altogether from the boiler before i started on setting up Tado

I also had add a link connection from White Live out (L) in Boiler to Yellow Radiator connection (LR) - shown in pic

Then wire EMS connection as attached into specific slot in boiler (note the sticky labels on the boiler dont really line up with the connectors so be careful)

Wire up above conection to tado Extension Kit as shown and (move yellow jumper to Number1 on Extention kit) mines was loose from new so double check it

Picture attached shows my working setup - Hot Water is in Eco mode (does anyone use Preheat nowadays)

Mind you It wasnt easy getting their - 2 days of me emailing Tado Support , telling them i had a existing Hive connection and their website then sets you upto use the on/off method by using the hive wiring which means no modulation.

So they further point me to type greenstar 30i and its incomplete as they the guide is missing info regarding the missing link Live Out to LR TAP as mentioned above

Some notes on the two links in a new worcester boiler might help other setups

When the boiler is new it comes with two short links, one is between white live out and the yellow rad symbol and the other is again between white live out and the yellow tap symbol. What this does is one keep the boiler fired constantly for the heating and also keep a small tank of hot water hot at all times (preheat) , kind of like a store of hot water so you're not waiting too long at the tap.

If you take the link out for the tap symbol you only have hot water being heated as you turn the tap on. Similarly if you take the link out of the heating one it won't fire at all.

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