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Modulating boilers with S-plan DHW

Hi All,

A quick one just to ask if it is possible to have Tado dictate two separate outflow temperatures depending on what is calling for heat. For example, can I have my S-plan system with multiple heating zones and a hot water cylinder set up such that if only the radiators are calling for heat then tado requests a low (say 50 deg) outflow temp thereby allowing the boiler to modulate down, and then a separate DHW call for heat that overides the radiators and outputs at say 70 deg, thereby allowing my hot water cylinder to heat to a legionnaires friendly 60+ deg?

At the moment the way my system is set up the boiler heats to 70 deg regardless of where the call for heat. It would be nice to be able have the radiators heated at a lower outflow temp in the interests of efficiency and noise (our pipes and rads can be a little noise when first heating up when the outflow if near 70 deg). We rarely heat the house and hot water at the same time, so radiators and DHW cylinder would not normally conflict in terms of requested outflow temp.

So, TL;DR version - is tado smart enough to request different, optimal outflow temps depending on where the demand for heat is coming from??

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