Mounting the Valve thermostat


Dear all,

I've tryed to mount the valve on my THermostat, But thought I have tighted the most I could, It was still loose. And even though the app said it was correctly mounted it kept heating even though it was turned off on the app.

1-Do you guys know this valvetype? Do I need a different adaptator?

2- Do I need to remove this pin in the middle?

Thank you all, in advance!


  • jw0ng02

    Are you sure that's a TRV fitted knob? that looks like a lockshield/manual valve.

    Could you post some pic before you have the tado TRV installed, with the original TRV head both on and off?

  • It is indeed a manual valve that was there before.

    The third picture show the manual valve unmounted.

    In this google photos link there is also a video showing how loose it is.