Wiring up the extension kit



I’m hoping someone can clarify something. I have received my personalised instructions and have been told I need a cable for my extension kit. They say I can buy this locally (which I have to do as plumber is coming tomorrow to fit for me). The diagrams seem to imply that I need 240V power cable that is wired into the extension kit, with a standard UK 3-pin plug going into a normal socket. Does that sound right?

Also, I notice there is an earth terminal in the extension kit - does this mean that a three-core cable is required?

Thanks in advance.



  • Hi @MMM

    In some cases the Extension Kit requires an external power supply, if it is switching a potential-free relay or connected to certain digital interfaces which do not provide power to run the Extension Kit.

    The Earth terminal is just there to park the Earth wire if you have one, as it isn't required for the Extension Kit to operate.

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