Schedule with Alexa

Hi, hoping someone will be able to help. :)

I’d like to be able to say ‘Alexa, turn the heating on at 6am tomorrow’ and for the heating to come on at, you guessed it, 6am. What happens when I say that is it comes on straight away.

Has any body been able to achieve something like this?

Thanks in advance


  • Hi @GrayDav4276

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. The solutions a good one but, I think, doesn't quite achieve what I'm looking for. After following the steps in the Alexa I can see how you can trigger a schedule using Routine although it looks like the Routine is bound to a schedule (daily, specified days). What I was hoping to do was a one off, like when you say "Alexa, wake me up at 6am", she only does it once and not again unless you ask. Same with the heating, just looking for it happen the next day.

    I may have missed something in your response so will have another place tonight.

    Thanks again