My radiators start heating when the schedule is set at "OFF"

Recently several of my tado radiator thermostat start calling for heat when the time schedule has been set to "OFF". I have noticed that it happens on upstairs radiators during the afternoon and more recently early in the morning between 2am-3am. During this time all the radiator thermostats are set to "OFF". Has anyone experienced this or give an explanation on why this would be happening? I have only had the system for 2 months and these random switch on/off are giving me a headache.


  • BTW - I have logged this with Tado since yesterday morning and still no answer from them. Do they ever respond?

  • Hi. Well, well! Exact same issues I have! It will be of no fault of Tado not the software! Right! The 2-3am rogue firing up is very annoying!

    Burning excess fuel is so annoying as well as the sleepness nights! I resorted to going to bed and putting the system in Away mode but that then failed and I had to turn the power off to the boiler. So virtually a manual system. Tado support do not agree that there is a fault with their system. They do not think it could be a software issue ( I am almost 100% sure that it is!) but the onus is placed upon the customers to rearrange their “ faulty” system!

    Keep complaining send in lots of emails and on the not so Live Chat complain unresolved issue!

  • Thank you sharing.

    Still NO answer/reply from Tado. Yesterday I actually went to each radiator when the system came on to check whether the reading on the radiator thermostats had a reading of "OFF" as per schedule. All affected rads had a reading of 23C which tells me that the schedule is being ignored. This is now happening past midnight everyday and also mid afternoon. This can easily be proved by going into the stats screen.

    I share your logic that this seems to be a systems/software issue to the values are faulty. Unless someone tells me that the bridge is calling for heat to the radiators and overriding the schedule which is set to "OFF".

    I tried going onto Tado live chat but it said someone would reply in 1 days :) - absolutely crazy. If I don't get anything from Tado by tomorrow I am seriously thinking of contacting Martin Lewis and officially complaining about the after care service from Tado.

    What have Tado said to you about your issue? Have they even suggested any method to fix the problem? If not I would suggest you too complain. Looking at the unanswered queries it seems Tado don't really care,

  • Just been woken at 3.15 by the sane
  • What was the response?

  • Did you ever resolve this? I’ve just recently installed tado and the last few nights it keeps coming on randomly in one of my zones even though nothing is requesting heat (according to the graphs and my target temperatures are below the current temperature). Really annoying to be woken up sweating (land not what I want for my 5 month old son to be too hot!
  • I have managed to resolve this issue of the system coming on outside the schedule. It seems that if you have a schedule set up with "Early Start" then the radiator smart stat will try to reach the temp set well before the start time. In my case I wanted to have my rad on for 6am but the system was starting at 2am.

    After removing the "Early Start" from the schedule the Radiator Smart Stat started correctly but the next day I had an "E3" error message on all the Radiator Smart Thermostats for which I turned off the Early Start. I had to re-calibrate the Smart Stats again to resolve the error.

    Hope this helps.

  • Got the same problem, Fri 28 3am now Feb 1st 3am boiler fired up with nothing showing in the app. Thermostat says everything is off. I raised this with TADO and I was asked on Sat for more details. I tried setting temp to 5 degrees on thermostat that seemed to work on Fri but not today.

    Also I powered off the bridge but Android app is still showing everything connected.

    Very frustrating and tado customer care is appalling
  • It seems like a lot of Tado customers are experincing these kind of issues.

    It looks like nobody at Tado is reading the comments.

    I have raised an issue with customer support, but no reply - not even a robot.

    What do we do?

  • Hi heating has decided to come on when it is switched off and the app says its off really annoying has anyone managed to get an answer from tado?

  • Jurian
    Jurian | Admin

    Thank you for opening this topic.

    At this time, there is no systemic issue with the tado system that we are aware of.

    The heating coming on at night can have a variety of reasons, some of them tado related, others related to the heating system or faulty wiring.

    I will give you some hints so you can continue with your troubleshooting:

    • Go to settings, go to rooms/devices, now go to all your Smart Radiator rooms (click on room name) and make those rooms independent. That way, these rooms will not be able to call for heating from your boiler. This is always the first step in any troubleshooting! It is important to understand that bedrooms get quite cold at night, and the smart radiators can call for heating. This is not always understood.
    • Make sure "early start" is OFF (this is a setting for your smart schedule). Early start can start too early in some cases, and we recommend you turn it OFF if that is the case.
    • Once you have set up your system in a way that only your main smart thermostat can call for heating, monitor the graphs and make sure that there are no interruptions of the connection between those devices and the bridge.
    • Move the tado bridge away from any other electronics, and do some trial/error moving of the bridge. Even a slight orientation change of the bridge can have a huge impact if you have connection issues.
    • Always try a set of fresh batteries if you are having issues with a specific smart radiator thermostat.
    • Always do a "radiator swap", swapping 2 smart radiators between radiators. Always make sure you take out the batteries when moving the device to the new radiator so it will do a new calibration.

    Heating system:

    • Turn OFF all heating via tado. And only turn ON hot water. Now monitor if your radiators get hot. If they do get hot, it is most likely a problem with the 3 port valve.
    • Wiring: Temporarily remove the tado heating devices from the wall, heating and hot water should now remain OFF (Only do this if you are confident you understand electricity, always turn OFF the electricity before opening any tado device.

    I hope these steps can help you to troubleshoot the described issues.

  • Hi @Jurian
    Great Post 📯
    Can I suggest that this response is added to the Tado Help/Support pages (assuming that it's not already there) this will indeed assist some users with this or similar issues.
  • I’m now getting this issue, heating is set to off but rad valve is requesting heat, boiler is firing and running constant.see image - heat called 2 lines next to OFF. New Duracell batteries installed in valve.