Anyone getting any response from Tado support?

I've logged two support requests with Tado but had no responses. Online it says they are busy but usually respond in a day. I've waited 3 days now but nothing.

Anyone had any support from Tado recently and if so how long did it take them to repond?


  • Same here, just don’t seem to be interested in actual customers, if I was their customer support manager I would be looking for another job.

  • I have tried to contact TADO for several options so far I have not received a response on day 4.

    There was no phone yet

  • I have now received a response so 3.5 days for me.

  • This is very disappointing. I've just spent about £600 on tado kit and the installation instructions are missing important information (nothing about wiring up hot water). I have sent a support request and really don't want to wait most of a work week before I can get the install done...
  • Of course it is of no consolation to anyone in desperate need of help, but tadoº acknowledged they have a problem with meeting demand for support and are working to address it:

  • At least they acknowledge there is a problem.

  • I have not heard from them either - wanted to upgrade from V1 to V3 but no response.

    I have decided not to upgrade as I am not able to contact or be contacted by them.

  • More than a week now. But it's a functionality request so I guess that's lowest of low prios...

  • Got a response- they reset my account so that I had no option but to upgrade. Hopefully I have wired it correctly...
  • I have emailed a couple of times, response within 24 to 36 hours. One was a order cancellation notidication, kir I had ordered could not ve delivered due to UK travel ban, so, instead of guvibg enthe iption to wait, they just canceled the order, hsving sent me shipment notification with UPS tracking number like 3 days before they cancelled.

    Have asked tech questions twice, and received answers in just over a day. But support by email is just a monumentally stupid idea, what if someone needs a clarification mid insrallation. I have all the bits to replace my Nest with a Tado (which may also be a monumentally stupid idea on my part), but have decided to wait till well into the new yr in case I do something monumentally stupid and end up with a non working heatingnl system (a potebtially marriage ending mistake, so, maybe not that monumental) with little to no chance of getting a plumber to fix the said monumental mistake.
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