Maximum opening percent and time on radiator thermostate



  • @andyblac Awesome! This might get round the problem where when i try to just heat my office the boiler just ends up short cycling until the temp drops too far and Tado increases the temp request.

  • @johnbur let you know, np

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    @gary333 and @andyblac it took me a few goes with support to get the result I needed. Initially I was helped by somebody over a number of days and while they were very helpful and responsive they attempted to adjust the minimum opening 3 times (I witnessed a recalibration event each time), but it made no difference.

    I then communicated back with screenshots of various room graphs showing that the rooms were all simultaneously requesting low heat but continuing to cool down despite the boiler firing. They then passed me onto second line technical support who resolved it immediately, though I didn't hear a recalibration.

    So either, I was unlucky and needed 4 adjustment steps, or the first line support didn't quite understand what I needed, albeit they were trying.

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    @johnbur just had response from Tado˚

    "Hello Andrew,

    Thank you for your patience. We have adjusted the parameters, for the Smart Radiator Thermostats. This means that these devices should immediately open or close themselves, regardless of the amount of heat demand.

    Should there be any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Kind regards,"

    I'll let you know how i get on.

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    @andyblac is that a universal adjustment or just for your valves?
  • @Notascoobie just my valves, if you want it done contact support, I have a direct contact email at tado that I used in the end, as support was taking to long.
  • @andyblac I see. So to be clear they have made an adjustment to your valves whereby any heat demand from a wave opens said valve 100%?
  • @Notascoobie that’s correct, and I can already see a big improvement.
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    Sounds really good. Did you use any key words or phrases to get them to do this? This might stop all the racket the water wooshing through the bathroom radiator.

  • Is the following correct in a general?

    • If you have your own boiler which you control via OpenTherm then you want to control the heating performance by modulating the burner therefore controlling the flow temperature and not by the TRVs adjusting the valve. They should always fully open or close the valve.
    • If you have your own boiler which you control via a relay (on/off), or do not have a boiler at all, then the TRVs should control the heating performance of the radiators via adjusting the valve accordingly
  • Interesting. I noticed something different like this a few weeks ago. We have 14 rad's with Tado TRV's and 4 without. I was checking the radiators, about 15 minutes after the heating came on for the whole house.

    The 4 without Tado valves were lovely and hot and every Tado radiator without fail was warm but nowhere near as hot as the other 4.

    @andyblac still better performance? Noticing any increase in gas/oil as a result of the change?

  • @cbd20 Very interesting to hear of your experience regarding adjustment of SRV behaviour by the tadoº support team.

    I also enquired about this but the answer was:

    "The Smart Radiator Thermostats are keeping the valve fully open pretty much until the room has reached its target temperature. When the temperature is really close to target, they start slowly closing the valve so the temperature doesn't overshoot. We can't alter this behavior."

    Do you recall who it was you communicated with in order for your SRV's to be adjusted?


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    @hugbilly so the specific request I asked for was an adjustment of the "minimum opening percentage" of the radiator valves. I provided screenshots of several rooms requesting low heat simultaneously but continuing to cool down as evidence that the valves weren't opening enough.

    The tado person who dealt with me was in 2nd line technical support apparently, though I can't locate his name right now. The first line support had to pass me through to them which took several days, but as soon as I got through he knew exactly what needed to be done.

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    @paul0000 yeah, still good, in fact gas usage has gone down slightly, as the rooms are heating up to target temp quicker. After all my tweaks and schedule changes etc, my GAS usage was down 40% in Dec compared to the previous year and we had that 2 weeks of -˚ temps. So far this month my usage is down about 57% compared to last year. ATM this month i am using about 34kWh GAS per day, that includes Heating, Cooking, and Hot Water.

    @hugbilly i had to email my level 2 support contact direct, as web support was pretty useless.

  • Thank you for the info. @cbd20 I'll email the support team again about this next week. Best wishes . . .

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    I got this back from Support:
    "unfortunately with this generation of our Smart Radiator Thermostats, there are no parameters we can adjust that force the valve to open further on low heat requests"
    All the SRTs I have are the V01 original version so cannot be adjusted?
  • I got the same answer:

    "As I have mentioned before it is not possible to open the valve completely when there is a minimum heat request. We can open them a little bit more but not completely."

    @andyblac what did you do so they could set this up for you ? :D

  • Those different responses from tado are (at best) typically's almost like they don't have a clue what they can do at their end.
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    @GrayDav4276 I can't believe that you could think such a thing....
  • @Valaki1234 i tried contacting support via web, but got no where, in the end i contacted my level 2 support contact directly, i have used before, here is a copy of what i sent.

    "Hi Wendy,

    Hope you are well, sorry to email you directly, but I have tried the support messenger but have no reply in 5 days.

    Anyway, I have an issue with all my SRT's that sometimes they do not seem to allow water flow or too little on low demand, can you increase the opening amount for low demand so that they are more open. I use lockshield valves on the opposite end of the radiator to balance my system, some of these are barely open, so restricting the water flow on both end of the radiator is probably causing the issue of too little water flow through the radiator.

    here are the serial numbers of the SRT’s

    xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx



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    @Valaki1234 I bet you can't guess who gave me the contrary answer above.....

    ... Wendy! Sigh
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    @johnbur I have the 2nd gen of the SRT's and those can be fine tuned. Your's are apparently the first gen and those can't fine control the opening. Think that what Wendy was trying to say.

    ie. your 1st gen would require a modified firmware update to do what your asking, and tado does not seem to want to do that.

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    Sadly I fear that you are correct :/
  • How can I check which generation of SRTs do I have ? I purchased them ~4 months ago.

    I sent a link to the first line support to this discussion, but still the response:

    "As I have mentioned before it is not possible to open the valve completely when there is a low heat request. I have checked this with our technical team. It is only possible that we open the valve a little bit more like I have done but not completely."

    @andyblac and @cbd20 : are you sure that the valve is fully open in your case when there is small heat demand ?

  • @Valaki1234 no not fully open, just a lot more than it was, but it has made a massive difference.

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    I really wish that in these sort of situations tado would be clear with their explanations....also a clear explanation in a response to the post so that everyone can understand what is and isn't possible......
    tado is far too "cloak & dagger" with their customer support communications.
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    @GrayDav4276 I would have thought that this would be to their benefit - giving a definitive answer here would potentially save lots of wasted Support time? @Rob @Jurian any feedback to help put this one to bed?
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    Hi Tado @Jurian
    Any news on adjusting valve opening percentage? Would you be able to make it available though api initially?
    I really like the product range, but with distinct heating this is a must.
  • I'm sorry to say that I don't think that anyone from tado° is currently monitoring the Forum.......I would love it if someone from tado° could let the Forum members know

  • Hi Tado @Jurian
    Any news on adjusting valve opening percentage?