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  • this is mental.. hopefully i can get a refund on this.. only just installed and now running into so many usability issues and quite honestly disappointing turn around, as many people have said, this is a safety feature, one that should be treated with a high priority, but this is seemingly being ignored.

    I understand that features dont get publicised for release, but they ARE targeted, you will develop features/code to target a release of the application, that CAN be publicised and would reduce the frustration from what I can see at the moment seems to be a total disregard for the userbase. I have a special needs son, he will quite happily go round turn all my lights on and will only be a matter of time for fiddling with thermostats too.. were only in day 4..!

  • It's a shame , even chines/copy version has lock from app and it's much cheaper then tado

  • Please do. It’s a must for this type of “smart” devices.
  • A child lock as many said is a vital addition to the functionality. I am quite frustrated that it is not included in the system. Should be an easy fix - a good example of development procrastination I am sure.
    Get a grip Team Tado!
  • Child lock would be amazing. i have a 7 month old who likes nothing better than twisting the stats so they light up! I'm considering building a wire cage for some of them...not ideal!

  • I gave up on Tado’s answer. I have used 3M mat finish tape and it’s fine enough.
    I have a thermostat in the room so changes are still possible with manual interaction.

    It’s 99% invisible in mat finish...

    It’s sad to do so, but it’s so much a relief now.

    Still tado must do something ...
  • While waiting on Tado for a fix, you could always install a lockable TRV cover to stop little fingers playing with them.

    Not cheap though.

  • Need. This. Now!

    My 9 months old loves dialling the controls. A friend asked if I could recommend Tado as a smart thermostat, sadly not as development is very slow and this kind of basic functionality is missing.
  • My youngest son turned 2 last May. Little by little he seems to have found other areas of interest.

    @Tado this whole thing has been a demonstration of your agility and customer focus.

    What a disappointment

  • C’mon Tado!!! 191 upvotes for a super easy but super useful function, just do it! It should have been available since the early pre-production prototypes!

    Just bought a full system for my home and as soon as I mounted the valves my kids started fiddling around with them. I took them like 1 second to figure it out and I have never been able to control their room thermostat since then, it is always in override mode. When I realized that there was no child lock (the most idiot and must-have function for any kind of appliance in the home), I nearly decided to give the whole stuff back to Amazon. What????? Even my 6 years old fridge has a child lock!
  • Adding my 2 cents here. Unbelievable that this basic safety function still hasn't been implemented after all this time.

    Basically this makes TADO unusable for people with kids - kids can't resist these nice turning things that light up if you touch them.

  • Hi, wanted to add to this thread. My wife uses our house for child minding. Thought the TRV's would be perfect as she will be able to adjust temperature in rooms as and when needed. The idea was to save money - as this is what Tado references to when promoting their products. However once the children figured out how much fun it is to play with the valves, the temperature is all over the place - usually high. So instead of saving us money it is doing the opposite.

    Will probably refit original valves and as they weren't bothered by them before.

    Great product - poorly supported.

  • Wiggles
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    + 1 Support just told me that the dev team are working on this..... but it seems many have had the same story for years.

    Come on tado. the work around of a 1 min manual timeout doesn't quite work as a long term fix.

    Maybe if you can't fix it open the API call / post so that we can build something in IFTTT, all IFTTT would need to receive is the trigger when a manual adjustment has been made, can set the action to reset the room to auto if the set temp was over x. think that an adult will likely set the temp to 22 or lower in most cases.

  • It gives my son some entertainment and helps him improve his dexterity. I have setup manually changes on the TRV's to reset after 1 minute as a work around (manual updates on the wall thermostat don't reset). However, this has consequences:

    • updates from IFTTT are also reset after 1min
    • updates from HomeKit also reset after 1min
  • +1
    Come on Tado... Get it sorted.
  • This is such a simple, basic and essential feature that I don't know why it doesn't already exist.
  • They are working on this feature! This has been on the roadmap for 2017 though, nearly 4 years ago.

  • Agree, I am new to tado and am finding this a problem. It would be great for tado to actually respond to this thread !
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    I need this also, and I don't understand how it is a difficult thing to implement. Just disallow changes from the valve itself.

    I wonder if white electricians tape will suffice to stop the ring from turning

    Oh, Bosch smart TRV have child lock btw. Come on tado! Confine it to your subscription if necessary, just get it implemented. This is far more important than rearranging the tiles!!

  • +1 from me. Essential feature!

  • I need this feature! My kids are always playing with the TRVs!
  • I have had these on my valves for well over a year now and they work like a charm. Very easy and very inexpensive to make and no damage from sticky tape. My son has never touched the trv after I fitted them. @samd linked my thread earlier in this thread. There is no child lock function coming any time soon and as many have said they are unusable with small kids as they never leave them alone. https://community.tado.com/en-gb/discussion/3729/cheap-child-guard-for-trv
  • I got by this problem by setting manual control and timer then setting the timer to 0mins 0 seconds
  • Hi @pau1us,
    That will definitely work OK 👍
    But Tado should be able to come up with a better 'technical' work round within the App. Surely that's not asking for too much.
  • @pau1us Interesting. It will only let me set it to 1 minute minimum. And pipes gets fully hot within this minute.

    Also, this is the time that Alexa or Siri integration uses, so setting the Manual timer so low stops these working.
  • I've found an interesting issue associated with the workaround of setting the manual control timer to 5 minutes (or less) when using Google Home:

    I recently started using Google Home as I hated having to go into each room in Tado if I wanted to give the whole house a boost for say 30 minutes. After I set the manual control timers on each radiator, I realised that my Google Home boost was now only lasting for 5 minutes, and Google Home seemingly has no easy way to program it to last longer from their end. The penny dropped that Google Home uses the manual control setting (or automatic if you've got that selected) as the duration of any boost that you apply there...

    So in short, setting manual control timers to a short duration results in you only being able to boost all radiators via Google Home for that same duration.

  • C'mon tado° !!!

    I'm a brand new tado° owner/user, and I'm really disappointed in seeing, that this is not a basic feature. It truly makes me consider selling the entire setup (obviously without telling about the missing feature in the sales ad) and going with a competitor instead.

  • Can't believe I'm reading back over two years this has happened, I'm consatnl56 now my nearly one year old is walking and crawling checking the app after a radiator staying on all night cause ehs worked out he can spin the dial to turn it up. Today alone I've had to log in 5 times to turn them off cause of him. It's great fun 😂.

    Come on Tado please create a child lock on the app it's the best for everyone
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    Im in desperate need of this, my one year old keeps tampering with all the radiators and setting the temperature real high.

    Even a notification on your phone to let you know that the temperature has been changed manually would at least help, so you can change it back?

  • As a dangerous omission in safety (effectively allowing a child to turn a radiator and your boiler on indefinitely) there would be an argument for reporting the product to Trading Standards (in the UK) and RAPEX (EU) for investigation and/or recall