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  • On February 4th, I received this message from Tado as I was in contact with them regarding another issue they helped me solve.

    So lets hope this is actually a reality!

  • cbd20
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    I wonder if that's why some people are seeing firmware updates appear on their radiator thermostats... In preparation for this.
  • Hi @cbd20,

    In another thread someone mentioned that the SRT firmware was being updated to 79.1.....mine is currently 75.2

    Have you had any SRT firmware update recently.....what FW version are your SRT's at. ?? 🤔
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    @GrayDav4276 yeah I'd spotted that thread so was speculating that the two may be related.

    That being said, all of mine are still at 75.2 at the moment. But could be a sign of things to come. Guess we have to wait and see!
  • Child lock has been on the tado road map for years. I thought they’d forgot about it. Hopefully this will work for all TRV hardware versions as I’m on 54.19, 54.20 and 75.2
  • Tado please prioritise safety feature over nice to have
  • Thank you for the update. In the event of an internet outage, can we still manually override temperatures at the TRV when child lock is enabled?
  • OMG We have Child Locks! Just had the email from Tado. They can now be activated from the Device Settings Page!
  • Excellent!

    Thanks Tado for listening to the community.

  • Thank you, with a 1 year old in the house this is greatly appreciated, also means I can set the Manual control back to "Until next Automatic change" again finally now, its something I haven't been able to use for the last 4 years having young children in the house!

  • Just wanted to say thank you. It’s great to see new features arriving. And development is on-going.
  • Any chance of implementing this for the actual smart room stat as well. My 3 year old son thinks it’s funny to keep turning it up to 25c.
  • Good to see this has now been released and is available in the app. It’s a bit of a poor implementation though because you have to go in to each device to see if the child lock is on. Surely it would have been possible to put a little lock symbol on the dashboard against rooms with locked devices?

  • It is great Child lock in now available, but I have a small piece of feedback.

    We need an option that disables completely the led indication whenever Child Lock is active. The Led lights are enough for a toddler to keep messing with the valve once they discover they emit lights. Yes, it will not turn on the heating anymore but we want them away from the Radiator at all cost.

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    Great to see this implemented. Although a little surprised to see that in the event of a network outage the child lock isn't temporarily disabled to allow manual control. Instead you have to unmount the device and pull the batteries out to disable child lock. Could prove to be a pain if you're unlucky enough to have an extended outage and have a lot of TRVs!
  • With Child Lock activated, tado° ignores any changes made manually on your Smart Radiator Thermostat. So even if your kids can’t resist it, your device still functions as scheduled. 

    Learn how to change this setting in the app.

    P.S. If you do not see this feature in the app, please ensure your Smart Radiator Thermostats are online with a good battery state to allow for automatic updates.  

  • Hi All, I'm a bit confused as I think the feature has been introduced long time ago. I don't know if you can do it on the app, but on the web version you can turn on the 'child locks' for every radiator thermostat individually.

  • Brilliant job Tado, thanks for listening to your users !

  • root
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    In case you need to disable Child lock during an internet outage etc:

    A bit of a frig but at least its an option.

  • @Badgerslayer7 Because Smart wall Thermostats are usually mounted high on the wall, the problem of unwanted child access is pretty low. Hence we focussed our implementation effort only on the Smart Radiator Thermostats for now.

    I would suggest you look into mounting your smart wall thermostat higher on the wall, maybe even consider adding a tado wireless receiver to make your thermostat wireless so you can mount it anywhere without having to worry about wires?

  • Have to agree with others on this. Really grateful for tado getting this out. Our little one has been causing headaches over the past couple of months with her tweaking of the radiator stats. This will put pay to those challenges. Thanks again.
  • We got email about the Child Lock the day after we were discussing this with my wife. While this is very welcome, it's also kind of a pain having to always use the app to change the temperature.

    As a suggestion for improvement, when seeing how our kid is "using" the thermostat, there is lots of mad turning way beyond the normal values.. So if you could make this smarter by detecting strange usage patterns rather than blocking entirely, it would be even nicer :)

    I guess most adults turn a little bit to the temperature they want and leave it at that. The kid tends to go either up/down a lot, or turn to OFF/25 and then keep turning down/up.

  • So glad this has been released saved me having radiators on all night cause little ones turned the valve I can now rest and stop having to check great work tado
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    Dear Team,

    I have a room with two TRVs in it. One of the TRVs controls the room's temeperature with the other slaver to it. On the control TRV I am able to select child lock however on the slave the child lock option is not shown.

    Unfortunately (as I discovered this afternoon) if the slave TRV is operated manually it then takes over control of the room temperature, opening both itself and the master TRV.

    Could the child lock feature be made available on slave TRVs please.

    Best wishes,


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    @hugbilly It should already be. What firmware version are both your TRVs on?
  • hugbilly
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    Ah, I’ve realised that one of the TRVs (VA2049976064, the control) is running firmware 79.1 whilst the other (VA3524666880, the one lacking child lock) is on 66.4, any thoughts on how to force the upgrade ?

  • hugbilly
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    Thanks very much to Dajana at Tado support who pushed the firmware update across, child lock working fine on all TRVs now . . .