How long is configuration download taking?

edited December 2020 in Technical Questions
My Smart Thermostat is showing the symbol for configuration download now for several hours is this normal? Also my room temperature is set to 20 degrees is the app, yet the actual room temp is 19.4 and I can't change it on the thermostat as it is downloading..... I just installed the system 3 days ago. I tried to reset the thermostat, but the pictogram stays the same.


  • Did it get back to normal in the end? I am experiencing the same problem at the moment.

  • Problem was that you can only have 7 devices set up in one room apparently (was told by 2e line Tado support) so as soon as you add an 8th one, this error occurs. 7 is including the the wall thermostat. I removed one smart radiator Thermostat and since then all is working fine and no more errors.
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