Has anyone found 'early start' worth persevering with?


Day 4 of our tado system up and running here. A few teething problems but so far OK.

I've done some forum searching now and see the 'early start' function does not get a lot of love! So far the rooms I've had early start activated on (I've followed advice is earlier threads and not used it in smaller rooms - only in larger spaces with both Smart TRV and a wireless thermostat) have got up to temperature at least an hour earlier than requested.

Does anyone have any good news stories about this feature. Is the algorithm actually adaptive - i.e. does it begin to learn that room x takes y number of hours to get up to temp if the overnight temp was y? Or is from experience pretty dumb and just keep on making the same mistakes?

I guess the workaround is to push the time you want the room up to temperature by. But that feels like a right bodge.



  • Hi @Ben_Highlands,
    I'm sorry to say that the only way I've found to make an "Early Start" operate the way I need it to......is to turn off the Tado "Early Start" feature, and program it into the room schedule. This works much more efficiently.
  • I've turned the feature off.

    I've got Warm Air heating and the house heats up VERY quickly, I don't think the Tado could comprehend that and as others have said it was turning on FAR too early.

    I'm sure I gave it a few days (maybe a week) to see if it started to learn how quickly the house heated, but it didn't get better.

    Thinking aloud, it massively overshoots the target temperature first thing in the morning, so I'm going to try a lower temperature setting for the first 30-minutes. 🤓

    On a similar topic, I've set the Away Schedule "Preheat Before Arrival" feature to "Off", so it turns on when I'm almost home, not when I'm out walking a mile or so away!!

  • Herres
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    Here in the Netherlands the same experience. Early start started 5 hours early. We turned it off.

  • Jup, it's a horribly implemented feature: too aggressive for my radiator-heated rooms, not aggressive enough for my floor-heated living room.

  • I emailed tado about this and below is their reply. This is the first I’ve heard about it only being for “very slow systems”. This doesn’t seem to be mentioned in tado’s marketing or support articles...

    Thank you for your message.

    Early Start is intended to compensate very slow systems only, underfloor heating mainly. Radiators are not slow systems. We advise you to disable Early Start for any zone with Smart Radiator Thermostats installed. 

    As a workaround, you can set the time blocks of the Smart Schedule 5-10 minutes earlier and it will do the trick.

  • Thanks Adam j. This is where tado really falls down. Nowhere in any documents I received did it say early start is only for slow start systems like underfloor. Even on the tado shop it doesn't show you that specs and suggested uses of any equipment. You have to go to Amazon to get details
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    Yes, it is hogwash. The early start should use information about the system gathered over time, combined with the current room temperature, desired temperature, and possibly outside temperature to calculate how long before the schedule it should start heating.

    It is *very unlikely* that that would come out as 5 hours in a reasonably designed heating installation. It should be more like 30 minutes to an hour, when it is cold outside as it is now. When it takes 5 hours to heat the room from idle (cool down during the night) the heating is under-performing.

  • Last week I had this message from support to a query on how their learning compares with Nest:

    "We have this feature, its called "early start".

    But I have to warn you, the feature is a little bugged right now. We are probably going to fix the feature in the next 1-2 years."

    Not what I was hoping, but was grateful for the honest answer.

  • Good to hear a 'proper' honest answer. But 1-2 years.......not really good enough.

    If that timescale is real the current earlystart should really be renamed 'underfloor start' or something and mention of it in the marketing needs removing. It is borderline mis selling currently.

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    1-2 years, I mean come on they are all over the internet talking about their insight led technical capability. Yet, they cannot implement something that Evohome does within the controller, and has done for years.

    What’s the point of their centralised model (sorry “cloud”) and their secret source AI if it can’t look back at previous days with similar ambient temperatures and work out an x-y degree increase to z level of time.

    They’ve got Eon flogging their equipment now so need to unlock the purse strings and get some proper R&D and investment in their core product.

    If the early start is just a glorified egg timer, then it should be called out within the app to say only suitable for x systems.

    Sorry for the winging
  • Agree this is very misleading description of early start in the marketing material. Disappointing. Hope the early start feature can quickly be added to live up to what was promised! (Currently turns on 5 hours early for large room with radiator, based on what I can’t imagine as room only takes 30mins to 1 hour to heat).