Firmware revisions



  • I'm in The Netherlands
  • @Vetje
    Thanks.... 👍
  • cbd20
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    @GrayDav4276 First one of mine has now updated to 79.1.

    I'm in the UK.
  • samd
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    @GrayDav4276 None of mine yet - UK

  • Why don't Tado make an announcement on the Forum relating to FW updates.....and the reason behind the update.....that would be " nice ' 😎
  • X6TUS
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    I’m in the UK and I’ve got:
    4 TRVs on 75.2
    2 TRVs on 54.19
    1 TRV on 54.20

    I’ve tried everything to try and force a firmware update/sync. Including clicking the button in Home Kit as well as completely resetting everything.
    Nothing seems to work.
    I note that HomeKit doesn’t stay in sync with tado either.
  • Pete
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    Firmware release notes would be really nice.
    I'm in UK and most upto date stat is 54.20.
    Looking forward to 75+.
    Anecdotally, one TRV stat batteries lasted for 1 year. Most I've ever had. Hopefully this becomes the norm.
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    @Pete I have just replaced the first one of mine - they were all installed Nov 2019. Clearly the valve's freeness (and Noise) is a significant issue for battery life

  • cbd20
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    I've got 7 TRVs and after 1 of mine rolled onto 79.1 yesterday morning, none of the others have updated. They're all still on 75.2.

    What's curious about this, is that with previous updates all TRVs have updated within an hour of one another. I know this because they recalibrate after a firmware update, and as I'm working at home I hear the one in my office doing this. I typically then quickly open the app as to understand why it's suddenly making noise, and then notice they're all slowly updating one after the other.

    On this occasion that has not happened. Makes me wonder if they've spotted an issue with firmware 79.1 and have stopped the roll out.
  • I saw the same here.
  • Pete
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    @samd Do you mean that you replaced the white Tado TRV or the metal radiator valve?

  • samd
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    @Pete Sorry I wasn't clear - It was the first tado device (TRV) to require a battery change

  • Another Dutch user here, I notice that one of my TRV's is on 79.1 the rest is on 75.2.

    Ethernet Bridge (60.8) is often dropping connection and requires a reboot, anyone else experiencing this?



  • @BalgoijA hi

    i've got the same. the bridge is on 60.8 and mostly TRV are on 75.2 but one is on 79.1. I have to reboot the bridge once a week because one TRV and one room thermostat loses their connection always together

  • me too

    Bridge Firmware: 60.8

    9 TRV's on Firmware: 75.2

    1 TRV on Firmware: 79.1

    1 smart stat Firmware: 76.1

    1 Wireless Temperature Sensor Firmware: 73.1

    its odd that many of us are seeing 1 TRV at 79.1 and the rest remaining on 75.2

  • Same here, suddenly 1 TRV at 79.1, the other 9 are 75.2.

  • cbd20
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    Yesterday I had another one update to 79.1. So I now have 2 TRVs on 79.1 and 5 on 75.2.

    So there's potentially either a firmware rollout issue, or another thought I had was that it's been quite cold here lately - so perhaps a TRV won't update when there's potentially demand for it to be working.

    I assume that the firmware update causes some short duration where the TRV is unresponsive, and perhaps Tado want to avoid people complaining of TRVs not working due to doing a firmware update. Just a random thought.
  • cbd20
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    In case people haven't seen, there has now been confirmation that this firmware update is in preparation for the long awaited child lock feature:
  • Pete
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    Looks like those of us on the old version of TRV (VA1) will not be getting the latest firmware and therefore these new additions like childlock and rechargeable battery support.
  • It clearly states that VA1 will be getting it.

    These are the firmware versions you are looking for depending on hardware revision:

    - VA02: 79.1

    - VA01: 54.20
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    Hi @GrayDav4276,

    I agree that it would be good for those interested in Tado to be able to subscribe to ad-hoc email updates on all things Tado related that they are open to share with customers - whether that be firmware updates, hardware updates, press releases or collaborations with other companies etc. If there is such an option or something similar, I am not aware of it. It might also be a good way for Tado to grow customer loyalty.

  • @Klaus_Ludwig Press releases can be found at the following link:

  • All my TRV's are now v 79.1

  • Hi i think the 79.1 is updated in those rooms, where the heating takes longer, or the temp is harder to reach. In my "hot" rooms, its 75.2, in the cold rooms 79.1


  • So what does 79.1 do? I saw someone mention it adds a child lock feature but I cannot find the setting for it.
  • Hi @Bonovox ,

    The new Firmware setting of 79.1 is indeed for the "Child Lock" feature. However the App update is not ready to be rolled out....yet. According to Tado it 'should' be applied in the next few just hang in there 😎

  • 27 Mar 2021

    TRV's - 79.1

    Smart Thermostat - 82.1

    Internet Bridge - 60.8

    Extension Kit - 81.1

    App version 6.5.1 (1500605010)

    App just updated to give ability to turn the whole system off
  • Hello,
    A few weeks ago we released the 82.1 firmware update for our smart thermostats. We quickly found out that less than 1% of wired thermostats experienced problems immediately after updating. You'd see these thermostats losing their wireless connection almost constantly. So, we stopped the rollout of the update for the remaining devices. The devices that received the update already but displayed no symptoms were fine. Wireless thermostats were unaffected.
    In your case there is one wired thermostat with the 82.1 version, which is not showing any of the connection issue symptoms, there is an unaffected wireless thermostat and there is a (potentially) wired thermostat (currently wireless) that still has the older 76.1 firmware. As we have stopped the rollout of the update, the latter thermostat will remain on 76.1 for now.
    We will soon release a new firmware update, which will be rolled out on all devices.
    Kind regards,
  • mefias
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    In my case it is as follows:
    5x TRV 79.1
    Smart AC 59.5
    Internet Bridge 83.1

    What is the latest firmware version for Smart AC?
  • cbd20
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    One of my smart radiator thermostats just updated to 86.1. Only noticed as it suddenly went nuts recalibrating itself. Any idea what this update does?

    All the rest are still on 79.1.