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  • I have 11 TRVs and one of mine updated to 86.1 too. I emailed Tado and apparently they are pushing an update to select devices as a test and at some point it will be rolled out to them all.

    Not sure what changes or improvements it brings.
  • cbd20
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    That would explain why my updates stopped then. 3 out of 7 of mine eventually got the 86.1 update at the start of the week, but nothing since.
  • GrayDav4276
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    I wish that Tado would prewarn us of impending FW updates, so that we can judge whether the FW update is working OK and we could raise any issues that might arise.

    I have just checked the FW version of my 10 SRT's and 1 has been updated to 86.1......but the Tado Room is set as "INDEPENDENT"....... plus my heating is currently "OFF"
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    Three of my TRVs are now 86.1, it would be good to know what changes are incorporated with the new firmware . . .

  • Me too...............
  • cbd20
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    Just had one of my VA02 TRVs update to firmware 90.1...

    Also separately I noticed today that tado are now selling a "universal" radiator thermostat, that's capable of orientating the display either way round, rather than having to purchase a horizontal or vertical mounting thermostat.

    Definitely a sensible solution, though I suspect this will mean further branching of firmware version numbers across different hardware revisions, making direct comparisons of firmware versions a little tricky going forward.
  • GrayDav4276
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    Also had 2 of my 10 SRT's updated to 90.1.......all others still on 86.1

    Also recently had my Extension Kit updated to 89.1........I haven't as yet seen/noticed any changes even with the latest App version of 6.17.0

  • 21 Jan 2022

    TRV's - 93.1

    Smart Thermostat - 91.1

    Internet Bridge - 92.1

    Extension Kit - 81.1

    App version 6.35.0 (1500635002)